Are there laws in georgia against adults and minors dating advice on dating friends

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Are there laws in georgia against adults and minors dating

Antiques and replicas, curio and relic firearms as defined by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and holders of a permit or license to carry a pistol are exempt from the instant check. 501 (c)(3); lawful hunting or fishing with the permission of the land owner if, whenever the handgun is loaded, it is carried only in an open and fully exposed manner; traveling to and from the above activities if the handgun is not loaded; or on real property under the control of the minor’s parent, legal guardian or grandparent with the permission of the minor’s parent or legal guardian to possess the handgun.

Any person with a valid hunting or fishing license on his or her person, or any person not required by law to have a hunting or fishing license, who is engaged in legal hunting, fishing, or sport shooting when the person has the permission of the owner of the land on which the activities are being conducted may have or carry on his or her person a handgun or long gun without a valid weapons carry license while hunting, fishing, or engaging in sport shooting.6.

The judge shall issue the license not later than 10 days after the judge receives the report of the application if no facts establishing ineligibility are found and the judge determines the applicant has met all qualifications and is of “good moral character.” If the applicant has been hospitalized at a mental hospital or alcohol or drug treatment center within 5 years of his application for a license to carry, the judge has discretion, after considering the recommendation of the Superintendent of the hospital or treatment center, to issue or deny the license.

The applicant shall pay a fee of to reimburse costs associated with obtaining a report.

Subsequent physical expansion of the range or expansion of the types of firearms in use at the range shall not establish a new date of commencement of operations for purposes of this Code section.

No sport shooting range or unit of government or person owning, operating, or using a sport shooting range for the sport shooting of firearms shall be subject to any action for civil or criminal liability, damages, abatement, or injunctive relief resulting from or relating to noise generated by the operation of the range if the range remains in compliance with noise control or nuisance abatement rules, regulations, statutes, or ordinances applicable to the range on the date on which it commenced operation.

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