Dating fender strat pickups

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Dating fender strat pickups

The magnetic poles are made of an aluminium/nickel/cobalt composite known as alnico.The standard strength for the magnets is alnico V (V as in five).Most guitarists recognise that pickups can make or break a guitar. Well, for this piece I’m going to look at the most widely copied and popular electric guitar design of all time – the Fender Stratocaster.There have now been so many models that it would be almost impossible to pin down a reliable review for each one.

TRADITIONAL In many cases, traditional Strat pickups are also referred to as ‘vintage’.This is a mid 1960s-style Strat pickup assembly with light grey fibre top and bottom plates, and staggered-height pole-pieces.Until the mid ‘60s, the top and bottom plates were black.In the late ‘60s the light grey plates were replaced with dark grey ones.The poles were staggered, incidentally, to compensate for the volume differences in the individual strings.

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Windings which are able to vibrate can create a ‘microphonic’ pickup, which squeals uncontrollably at stage or rehearsal volume.

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