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Moreover, being touched may induce arousal and other psychological (e.g., assumed affection) and physiological (e.g., heart rate increase) effects which would not be present in a control condition of no touch.Therefore, in order to understand the specific effects of touch, experimental approaches are needed that disentangle these potential factors.Field studies have demonstrated that humans become more generous, helpful and compliant after having been touched by another person.Here, we explored whether these effects are larger for touch activating the C-tactile (CT) fibres, as it is ascribed a particular role in establishing and maintaining bonds and affiliative interactions.A respectful treatment of one another is important to us.Therefore we would like to draw your attention to our House Rules.Prices in € represent the retail prices valid in Germany (unless otherwise indicated). Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. This monograph deals with argument drop in the German prefield and it presents new insights into null subjects, topic drop and the interpretation of topic dropped elements.Free shipping for non-business customers when ordering books at De Gruyter Online. Major issues are (inter alia) the drop of structurally vs.

Any touch related effects on prosocial behaviour likely depends on the ecological validity of the situation..The null findings were further corroborated by Bayesian statistics.Thus, under the controlled laboratory conditions employed, CT-targeted touch did not play a particular role in prosocial behaviour.The role of CT-targeted and non-targeted touch on prosocial behaviour was investigated in three different experiments using a trust game and a task measuring individual differences in social value orientations (the SVO task).Whereas participants in general acted prosocially, there was no influence of CT-targeted touch on prosocial behaviour, both in comparison to non-CT-targeted control touch and visual (non-tactile) stimulation.

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Based on the literature review above, we hypothesised that prosocial behaviour would be enhanced following CT-targeted touch.

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