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The app determines their astrological sign and shows them a list of traits and emoji which correspond with that sign.Astrology is not a niche market, it is a cultural movement, and Align provides today’s singles with the platform they need to make meaningful connections.ns Z (200) 724: About (200) 725: About (200) 726: usa (200) 727: Information (200) 728: x J85E3P (200) 729: Information (200) 730: ??(200) 732: Rw4e7L (200) 733: usa (200) 734: QAIgo??For the record, each "distance" — whether you're four, five, or six signs apart — can have its perks.To use Align, users login with Facebook and enter their birth date.When technology seems to be tearing us apart, we feel that it can actually bring the world closer together than ever before.

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No one likes feeling self-conscious in their relationships, but the Twins write that it isn't bad if you catch yourself making these observations.

Same-sign relationships can actually be opportunities for self-acceptance.

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You will immediately be brought to that chat room, where you can begin talking with strangers.