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Even those of us who have decidedly mixed feelings about the place regard it as unique and, frankly, superior to anywhere else.

So it's 'school' because, to Old Etonians, there is only one that counts.

But, above all, I think, Etonians owe a massive debt of gratitude to Tony Blair. Bear Grylls, 34: ex-SAS man now famous as a TV explorer and adventurer.

His underlings may have been rabid egalitarians, but Blair was patently public school. Bamber Gascoigne, 74: the face of the old University Challenge and 'starter for 10'.

And for the past dozen years, the New Labour Government has been obsessed with modernity and anti-elitism. Yet they're more powerful, more pervasive than ever.

And their influence reaches into the most unlikely aspects of our lives.

Try being 13 years old and walking through Windsor, the nearest town, wearing a tailcoat and stiff collar, while all the locals stare at you and the tourists frantically take photographs.

The aristocracy lost their seats in the House of Lords.So, too, did the prosperity, however bogus, of the past decade. Ian Ogilvy, 65: best known for following Roger Moore as The Saint.When people feel well-off, they are much less inclined to resent the wealth of others. Christopher Cazenove, 65: plays smooth aristos; member of an elite banking family.But why are those qualities coming to the fore again?Well, for a start, 40 years of Labour's anti-grammar school bigotry have drastically reduced the competition.

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My contemporaries also had big ambitions - and most of them achieved them.